By Shavkat
2 years ago

Real Life Ghost Story: Mirror Image of A Ghost

Our family house is one of the oldest in my neighborhood. There are some stories behind the existence of the house. However, it wasn’t the same thing as a haunted house. The old family house had withstood the years and even during the American regime. My late granny had this house as an investment to let all her family in one place. Eventually, it is also in the process of selling for the sake of the inheritance of my father’s siblings. In time, all the memories will be treasured and my family will have a new chapter in our lives.

Along with the memories are the unexpected paranormal experiences in this family house. When I was a kid with my younger sister, we experienced a ghost in my late granny’s room. I am not sure why my sister ended up sleeping in this particular room. I think it was past midnight when my sister and I decided to sleep.

The room was in dead silence. It is a good time to sleep like a baby and anticipating to have a peaceful rest. There are two beds and we slept side-by-side in the room. All of a sudden, my sister awaken by the whispering of voices. As she looks around, an old man was sitting in front of my granny’s mirror and combing her long black hair. The scariest thing she witnessed, the woman wears the same pajamas she’s wearing that night.

Then, she ran over and woke me up because of the sudden ghost appearance. When I had opened my eyes, my sister looks so pale and had her story. The course of action is to open all the lights in the room. And the following day, she had her unforgettable encounter with the ghost. We took the time to browse all my granny’s photo albums. After an hour, the woman seen by my sister was smiling in one particular old photo with my granny.

The old woman was my granny’s best friend died many years ago. It cannot be explained why she suddenly appeared in the room and looking for my granny. Whatever the reason, dead people can still show up to look after someone who is still living on the blue planet.

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