By 801Drew
3 years ago

Re-Casting the MCU Fantastic Four

With the sale of Fox to #disney pending I want to recast the MCU version of the #fantasticfour. I know the #xmen is the bigger property, but because a new X-Men a coming out next year, I don't see #marvel rebooting them for probably 3 years. I can see them putting together the F 4 quickly weather in their own movie or a a cameo in another movie before they get their own. So here is my attempt at casting the Fantastic Four reboot.

Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman:
Jon Hamm & Rachel McAdams

Human Torch and Thing
Liam Hemsworth & Vin Diesel

I know Vin Diesel is already in the MCU as the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, but since you never see his face or hear him say anything else other than "I am Groot" it should be ok.
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