By GinaEastabrooks
3 years ago

Movie Review: A Walk To Remember

This is one of the movies that I can't get tired of watching it. It is absolutely amazing. The theme and story is just WOW!
I was very happy when I first watched it, and I think I've watched 20 or more times after that. Every time I watch it, I cry like a little baby. Plus Shane West and Mandy Moore play their characters extremely well! I just can't get enough of this movie. The whole begins with a stupid little joke that turns out bad which leaves Clay Gephardt (Matt Lutz) in the hospital, and popular kid Landon Rollins Carter (Shane West) in a whole lot of trouble at school. Landon is then forced to participate in different school activities which included the drama club. While in the drama club, Landon is forced to work with Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan (Mandy Moore) who is a very shy, quiet, and book smart girl at the school. Jamie is the daughter of Rev. Hegbert Sullivan (Peter Coyote); Landon and Jamie have known each other for a while but because of their social statuses at school they have been in different spaces. Landon seeks help from Jamie when he has trouble with his lines and that is when they started to get close. Jamie was resistant in the beginning but slowly started falling for Landon. On the other hand Landon tried to hide his relationship with Jamie from his "popular" friends but later on when his friends disrespected Jamie, he defended her in front of the whole school. As they grew closer to each other, Jamie reveals to Landon that she is suffering from Leukemia and that she had stopped responding to the medication. Landon is upset at first but later on changes his mind, and decided to help Jamie fulfill her wish list (this is when the movie gets so good). After a while Landon and Jamie get married, and they live for a while before she passes away. Landon then goes back to see Jamie's dad, they have a little talk. Landon then leaves and is seen smiling at the sunset. The theme of this movie is love clearly. It is a very romantic movie and also sad. The theme was portrayed in a couple of scenes. The first one was when Landon defended Jamie in front of the whole school, which just showed that his love for her was strong that he was willing to confront his friends for her. The second was when he built her kaleidoscope just so she can fulfill her wish of watching a comet (extremely beautiful). This movie can be compared to the Notebook in my opinion. Lightning technique in this movie was used very well. Every time Landon and Jamie were having a beautiful moment, the light would be very bright, warm and actually peaceful. However during the rough times it would be a little bit gloomy just to match the mood.

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