By sakura
3 years ago

Luck By Spin

Luck By Spin

Guys try this new cool app which you can earn 1$ for every 60,000 coins you collected in playing the app.

How it works?
1. First You need to Click the link of the one who referred u to get 2,000 coins + 10 free spins. You can message me if u want my link for the bonus coins and spins.

2. Just open the app everyday for free 10 spins then Guess any number from (0-9) if u guessed the right number u can have bonus coins in your account.

3. You can request free spins by watching ads. You can get 10-25 spins per ads you watched.

How to Cash-Out for Non-Indian Users:
1. You need to update your app then Click Settings and Click Change Number then in OTP put your verified paypal email.
2. When you reach the minimum. Click Use Points and Enter the coins u got and your Verified Paypal Money. You will received your money after 1-2 weeks.

This is my Upline Proof so u can know that it is Legit and Paying.

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