By HazySue
4 years ago

I Just Want To Scream

The other day I was running around trying to get my house ready for company. You know, doing some deeper that normal cleaning.

You know how it is when you are in a rush. Everything goes wrong.

My vacuum wouldn't work so I ended up on my hands and knees cursing the day I decided to put carpeting on the living room floor.

The kitchen was next, I still had a lot to do and time was running out. I was rushing to put together a fruit loaf and get it into the oven. Wouldn't you know in my haste I ripped open the flour bag and the flour flew all over me, the floor, the cabinets and anything else it could cover in that area.

I had about 10 minutes until my company was arriving and there I stood covered in floor. It was in my hair and clothes. I didn't have time to do more that change clothes and run a brush through my hair.

Rushing again into the kitchen I started cleaning up. I was once again on my hands and knees when the doorbell rang and one of the ladies stuck her head into the door and made a remark like "What happened? Didn't you remember we were coming? It looks like a bomb went off in here."
that moment.
I bit my tongue. I was longing to make a rude comment back but I took the high road.

When I saw this picture of my youngest granddaughter I knew I had to use it. It fit my feelings at the time.
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