By RalRey
2 years ago

I am a daring person

I have been a daring person all my life. I have dared many things. Some of those things have worked for me and in many others I have fayado. I have fallen many times in the attempt, but many times, and with the help of my heavenly Father, YHVH God, I have risen, to try again, to dare again.

Many times I have dared to write, and I have written prose and poetry, I have written essays and verses, I have written poems. And I wrote about life, creation, friends and friendship, women and the love one feels for them. I also wrote about God and His Word contained in the Bible.

Today I want to write more to YHVH God than to other matters. I want to write to serve him, honor him, testify of him, of his intentions and will, of his love and kindness.

With these lines I share one of those poems that I once wrote inspired by the love of women, sensual love. It is titled "I love you because yes"

I love you because yes

To love you
I do not need your presence
my love for you grows in your absence

To love you
I do not need to see you
my love becomes great
with the impossibility of having you

To love you
I do not need kisses from your mouth
or the caresses of your hands
nor the light of your gaze
or the candor of your smile
I do not need what I like about you

To love you
your existence is enough

I love you because you exist
because you are here in my being
because you are in me

I love you despite the distance
that separates our bodies

I love you in any circumstance

Thank you for existing

But to live
so that my happiness is complete
I have to admit
I need you every day

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frenchqueen Me too!
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maca1 Great artikle
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soncee Beautiful artikle friend
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indexer Can I just point out that "daring" in an adjective and not a noun (except when the word is used in a purely abstract sense)? You can be "a daring person" but not "a daring". I mention this simply to help you with a point of English, and not as a criticism.

As an example of daring (yes - a noun, but technically this is a "verbal noun"), writing poetry in a language that is not your own is a very good example! This poem is not beyond criticism - taken purely as a poem - but it is a lot better than a lot of the so-called poems that turn up on this site!
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indexer I forgot to point out that a person who dares is a darer, not a daring.
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RalRey @indexer Well, I understand, very kind. Thank you very much, for reading and offering me your orientation and correction.
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