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Hurricane, cyclones and typhoons - are they different

It's the season of hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons all over the world. I'm sure many of you are wondering what is the difference between them. I asked the same question myself. I tried to recall my high school earth science but I had a difficult time unearthing the answer. So I turned to Google for the answer.

According to NOOA, the only difference between these weather disturbances is the location where it occurs. Intrinsically, they are one and the same. If it occurs in the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, then we call it "hurricane." If the weather disturbance occurs in the Northwest Pacific, then we call it a "typhoon" and it is a cyclone if it originates in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean.

That's it. The only difference is the origin of these storms. So if you are in the US, you call them hurricanes. Here in Asia, we call them typhoons and in Australia, they are called cyclones. Now, I'm wondering if there has been a storm in history that never lost its energy and traversed across all the oceans. Is that even possible? What do you guys think? I know for a fact that typhoons and hurricanes crosses countries but does it ever cross oceans? From cyclone to typhoon or from typhoon to hurricane? I'm blabbing so I'd better end this weirdness now.

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