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Humans Turned Into Robotic Units In Teaching English Language

You might think that this is a false fact. Actually, it is true in the industry of online teaching. Believe it or not, it does starting to happen for online teachers and companies are controlling on how to teach non-native speakers. If the online teachers refused to do the directives, then he or she will suffer from having corrected and questioned his or her credibility in teaching. Virtually been scrutinized by the company’s staff and will give warnings. If it was not being followed, the company will just terminate the virtual teachers.

I am sure you are still puzzled how the company is creating humans as robots in teaching the English language. In certain companies, the platform of the lessons is convenient for the virtual teachers. These lessons are being executed during the course of the teaching session. The style of teaching varies from one student to another. It depends on the level of the students on how to grasp the lessons. It seems very catchy and inviting to teach online. In fact, the wage is higher compared to regular jobs available in particular places of the state or country.

A perfect example, the company created lessons with corresponding scripts. These scripts were being used by the virtual teachers. It means that the virtual teachers are just reading the lessons and following the steps of the lesson. It makes the virtual teachers not to incorporate their style into teaching. It should strictly follow of what has been imposed. Take note, not all students can understand the lesson and usage of language. Thus, the virtual teachers needed to modify the teaching method. But, the company will not allow altering the flow of teaching and no need to modify the methodology. Thus, the virtual teachers are becoming robotic because it follows the imposed standards of the company.

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