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How to minimize procrastination and maximize motivation

Procrastination is a learned behavior that can be un-learned. Not everyone procrastinates for the same reason or the same way so you must look at; how, where and when does the procrastination show up in your life? On the other hand, the productive action comes from motivation, the key is getting started whether you feel like it or not.

Procrastination is something many people suffer from daily. Fortunately, it’s also something that purely minds over matter to overcome. Procrastination will look different for each person and varies in the seriousness and magnitude.

The following are some of the typical procrastination excuses we tell ourselves

• I’ll do this tomorrow, there’s not enough time to do this today.

• I work better under pressure, I’ll wait until it’s almost due and then the work will be even better.

• This is such a huge project, I don’t even want to think about it yet, I’ll put it off for one more day.

• I don’t really need to do this yet; it can wait until sometime in the future.

Unfortunately, all of these lead to the inevitable day when you must actually complete the task. And while most people actually do get it done under that time pressure, working that way does not always produce the best results and allows less time to proof and make it perfect.

Motivation on the other hand simply means the driving force behind an action. It is the inspiration that leads to a course of action. For better results, one has to work out ways and means of maximizing inspiration/motivation while minimizing procrastination.
Below are the highlights on how to minimize procrastination and maximize motivation in life;

• To be the most proficient, successful and happy at whatever it is you do in life, especially if you are producing intellectual products; you need to have an environment that is free from distraction. This will guarantee your mind a complete focus on the task at hand and you will always get the best results.

• Start projects immediately if you have idle time. Once you actually start something and get into the flow of it, you would be surprised how easy it is. Don’t think about starting something, act. You can always tweak the project and make changes as you go along. Getting that first start is very important.

• Remove all distractions from your environment. Anything that will make you lose focus is something that will potentially set you up for procrastination and destroy your motivation.

• Eat well, sleep well and get exercise. From personal experience, a healthy mind and body are less likely to procrastinate. You’ll feel better, you’ll be more upbeat and active, and more optimistic about accomplishing your goals sooner rather than later. If you’re tired or hangover, you’ll be less productive and more likely to procrastinate a task until the next day.

• Mix up your projects and assignments so you’re not simply doing the same exact thing every day. If you keep things fresh they will be more interesting and compelling for you to work on, and you’ll be less likely to procrastinate them.

• Keep your thoughts positive, and recognize when you’re entering a cycle of procrastination. Here is where you will need to address mind over matter. Start by just getting into it and doing step one of whatever your task is and go from there. Sit down and break the project up into consumable parts that are less intimidating.
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