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How to find Highest Common Factor.

There are following three methods to find least common factor (L.C.M.) namely Factor method, Division method I, and Division method II. It is very important to know how to calculate LCM, it helps us to solve mathematics related questions in Board exams and competitive exams. So, Let's discuss each methods one by one.

1. Factor Method : Rewrite the given numbers into a product of prime factors and given into terms of powers. Then find product of all terms of highest powers of all factors. This product will be L.C.M. of given numbers.

2. Division Method I At first write down the given numbers in a row by commas. Then divided by any number which divides completely at least two of given numbers and carry forward undivided numbers together quotients. Repeat this process until a line of numbers remains which are prime to each other. Now multiply the all divisions and the numbers in the last raw, thus product will be the required LCM of given numbers.

3.Division Method 2 : Generally this method is used when the given numbers are not easily. In this method HCF of two given numbers are have to find out by division method.
Then by formula-

L.C.M.× H.C.F. = One number × An other number.

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