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Hip-Hops Everlasting Influence On The Street Wear Industry

It has become immensely popular for fans of Street-wear brands to camp out in front of the stores to get the latest clothes, this is because stores like Supreme only have limited stock to allow their clothing to be rare and unique. Supreme stores are also very limited meaning there are only 9 stores in the world with one of them being in London this sees fans from all over London camping in front of the store to get the latest stock. An additional store is also opening in Paris to coincide with Supreme’s SS16 drop.

There’s no need to worry if you’ve missed a Supreme drop though as there are always buyers who buy items in bulk to sell on to customers who couldn’t make it to the only London store, although convenient these resellers usually raise the price of the clothing for their time making them a good profit. Hip Hop/Rap Artists such as Tyler the Creator have made supreme into a big name across the music industry, Tyler has been known to rock Supreme clothing ranging from hats, T-Shirt and shoes.

Tyler collaborated with Supreme and Vans. The shoes were extremely popular to the fans of Supreme, this was a jackpot business idea for Supreme as they know that Tyler does hold strong influence with fans through his fashion sense.

Tyler has since worked alongside the other members of the underground hip hop collective Odd Future to create their own clothing brand called Golf Wang. Golf Wang has become very popular to Tyler’s fans, the Hip Hop star is seen almost always sporting his own clothing brand.

Odd Futures clothing is seen in 22 Jump Street worn by Jonah Hill who is a very well-known actor; he has stared in many different comedy films so for him to advertise the Odd Future brand in one of his movies is quite a big deal. It is also a known fact that he supports the hip hop collective as he made a brief appearance in their Adult swim series Loiter Squad.

There are so many Street-wear brands becoming very popular nowadays, for example Bape (A Bathing Ape) which was founded in Tokyo in 1993, it has remained a symbol for Street-wear fashion for over 20 years. One of their well-known pieces is the Bape Shark hoodie which has been seen on a number of celebrities for example Chris Brown, he has become the new face of Bapes High-End black label for the Winter 2015 collection, Travis Scott was also the face for Bapes black line in the summer of 2015.

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