By Nicboulton
4 years ago

Fibromyalgia finally recognised on tv

FINALLY RECOGNISED on the Jeremy Kyle medical show.
It's about time it was put out there for people to see, I know how it feels for the lady on there suffering with this condition, people thinking your faking it.

Trying to sleep with fibromyalgia is so difficult, I'm currently doing my own head in, I'm so tired but can't sleep and have terrible pain and restlessness in my legs. I've not been able to move since walking my boys to the doctors and back this morning. I've tried everything and still can't sleep so think I might give up trying and go put the kettle on .

I'm really angry as my partners boss thinks that I'm no good because of my illness and he should trade me in, that's the second time a man has said that to him , makes me think am I such a burden? should he trade me in for a new one like these uncaring men keep saying. I can't help being ill but I'm very lucky my partner is one of the good ones and looks after me well
4 years
Borderline my grandma has got it, it's horrible
4 years