By Fesalvia
3 years ago

Citizen participation in public management

Citizen participation in management is of fundamental importance for the elaboration of public policies. The proposals of government programs must be built on the basic needs of a society.
It is clear that representatives chosen by the people are no longer able to identify and meet the demands of society. Thus, the population must better organize itself around endless public issues, conquering more spaces and thus be able to more effectively charge the executions of its representatives. The demands are becoming more complex and the need for joint participation between representatives and representatives is evident.
Democracy has as one of its purposes the participation of the people, whose main form of political manifestation is the vote. However, it is not only by voting that we can participate in political decisions, we can exercise our rights from National Councils of Public Policies, Public Hearings, etc. where it is possible to know, elaborate, implement and monitor such policies according to the needs of each location and its population, as well as the whole country.
Other options that we can use are social groups, created from the need to minimize conflicts and seek an improvement in the quality of life.
Do not stop! Give color and life to the ongoing democratic revolution so that it does not stop at the closure of the state, financial speculation and ideological domination promoted by the mainstream media.