By shiwani
4 years ago

Business process re-engineering (BPR) Process

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is a process to achieve rapid growth in business performance by improving the working process. In another word, Business process re-engineering is a unique process, which helps to work the Business in a systematic way with the help of combines some programming tools. BPR is supporting to propose to redesign the technical current process, so business can achieve rapid growth. BPR is using in many businesses to grow.

Business process redesign can implement or adopt with many industries with the different way. BPR is sporting mechanics process instead of current flowing management aspects. BPR is synthesizing the area of Workflow, Management Information Systems, and Modernise.

BPR is a recent innovation in Business, Management, Industrial Engineering. It represents the process which helps the industry to proper use the current facility or tool, so they will increase the production and decrease the investment. BPR is a fact-base “Before–after” of BPR technique. It has been presented the expected revenue. BPR has given to be an innovative useful industrial engineering tool and management technique to get dynamic improvement in Services, Quality, and Production of the industry. The aim of the BPR

• Rapid redesign of strategic
• Synthesizes the workflow
• Use mechanics process
• Reduce investment
• Increase revenue
• Performance break with the BPR technique

BPR is a set of tasks in an industry with a chart explaining of their logic and dependence to getting the desired result. It is a process to understand the business process so to make a rapid redesign strategic for business growth.