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Book Review: Lies Women Believe


Lies Women Believe
And the Truth that Sets Them Free

by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Moody Publishers


Pub Date 06 Feb 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Lies Women Believe through Moody Publishers and Netgalley:
This book points out the Lies WomenBelieve and the truth like when women are told God is not really good that is actually far from the truth. When we are made to believe God doesn't love us, we are once again being made to believe a lie. When we are told God is just like our (earthly Father) that too is a lie, he is exactly who he revealed himself to be. When we are told God is really not enough we are once again feeding into a lie. When we are told God's ways are to restrictive we learn they are not, he wants what is best for us. When we are told God should fix all our problems we are reminded that we will experience pain and heartbreak in this world.
It goes on to remind us that when we believe we are not worth anything we are buying into a lie, because we meant enough to send Jesus to die on the cross for us. We are reminded too that instead of believing we need to love ourselves more we need to receive God's love for us. If we believe we can't help the way we are, but the truth is if we are a Child of God we can choose to obey God.
If we believe I can sin and get away from it, I am believing a lie. If we believe we can delight in sin we are buying into a lie from Satan himself. And if we believe God can't forgive our sins we are also buying into a lie.
If we believe we don't have time to do everything God had called us to do we are buying a lie. If we believe we can thrive without consistent time in word and prayer. If we believe our work at home is not as important as our work outside the home we are believing a lie.

Some women tend to buy into lies about our sexuality being separate from our spirituality. The author points out too that we should not believe the lie that women have to be have a husband to be happy. We are also reminded that it is not our job to change our mate. If we believe we are supposed to be served by our husband we will likely be disappointed. We are called to submit to our husband but that should never equate to abuse.

This book helps us to differentiate the lies from the truth from everything from our reproductive choices.

I give Lies Women Believe five out of five stars!

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