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Book Review: Judah’s Wife


Judah's Wife
A Novel of the Maccabees
by Angela Hunt
Bethany House
Bethany House Publishers
Pub Date 02 Jan 2018
I am reviewing a copy of Judah's Wife through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:

Leah suffered a hard childhood. Seeking peace and safety she marries Judah, a strong, gentle man, for the first time in her life Leah believes she can rest easily, but the Land is ruled by Antiochs V a descendant Of one of Alexander the greats generals. He issues a decree that all Jews will conform to Syrian laws or risk death. Devout Jews who don't bow down to these laws risk all they have, and all they are to follow the laws of Moses.

Judah's Father refuses to follow the decree, leading to his death. But before he dies he asks his son to continue the fight or bear responsibility for what happens to the land of Judah. Leah wants nothing but peace so she struggles with her husbands decision. She finds herself wondering what kind of God would destroy the peace she fought so long for.

The story of the Maccabees, and the miracles is told through the eyes of Judah's Wife who learns love requires both courage and sacrifice.

I give Judah's Wife five out of five stars!

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