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Book Review: Baking for Dave


Baking for Dave

Iris, a 15-year-old girl travels cross states to enter a baking contest, but ends up winning a bigger prize

by Melissa Palmer

Future Horizons

Sensory World

Children's Fiction , Teens & YA

Pub Date 11 Nov 2016

I am reviewing a copy of Baking for Dave through Future Horizons: sensory World and Netgalley:

Fifteen year old Iris Heller has a sensory processing disorder, but that does not stop her from running away in her Mom’s car to compete in a National Bake Off. She travels through several states and despite her disorder and the most terrifying part for her is she interacts with actual people. Iris has never been like other girls her age, but she refuses to let that stop her from going for her dreams. When she gets nervous or overwhelmed Iris has a habit of chewing on her fingers until they bleed.

Iris has a profound fascination with musician Dave Matthews and feels compelled to compete in the bake off for him. In order to deal with her nervousness she either chews her fingers, hums or beat boxing or makes musical instruments out of items on hand. This talent gets her noticed several stops along the way, and soon she finds that her talents have gone viral. At a donut shop she sings like an angel, at a coffee shop she plays a symphony using cups and a soda fountain. At a restaraunt she makes a magnificicent musical instrument out of dishes and pans. Iris has the kind of spirit that brings the good in people out Houghton she does not realize it.

After realizing her daughter ran off to take part in the completion Maisy and her best friend Eric go looking for Iris. Finally they all meet at Happy World the Disney Like Place the bake off takes place. It is here that Iris finds out how much she is loved and how far those who care about her to make sure she is okay, even if it means letting her stand on her own.

I give Baking for Dave five out of five stars!

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