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Book Review: All Together Different


All Together Different
Upholding the Church's Unity While Honoring Our Individual Identities
by J. Brian Tucker; John Koessler
Moody Publishers

Pub Date 06 Feb 201

I am reviewing a copy of All Together Different From Moody Publishers and Netgalley:

This book reminds us that the real issue when it comes to church isn't branding but is in fact identity. We are reminded too that part of our search for identity is a question of our differences, and that in fact differences can be both a blessing and cursing.

In All Together Different, the author reminds us that diversity is good, but is not always comfortable. The author reminds us too that it is more than our DNA that defines us.

This book helps us to understand why as a Church we find it so difficult to get along, from differences into Political beliefs, to understanding diversity better, and how Faith and diversity don't have to be exclusive.

I give All Together Different five out of five stars!

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