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3 years ago

Book Review: A Voice Becoming


A Voice Becoming
A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living
by Beth Bruno
FaithWords / Center Street

Pub Date 16 Jan 2018  

I am reviewing A Voice Becoming through FaithWords and Netgalley:

A Voice Becoming is a Mother and daughters year long journey.

This book reminds Mother and daughters those awkward moments when a girl is somewhere between a girl and a young woman is okay, that not all Mothers are perfect, but with Faith you can get through those awkward moments.

We are reminded too that Mothers are raising Global Woman, because this is a global society.

We are reminded too that we are all broken, but like broken glass, we can still shine. In this book we are encouraged to get to the broken places in our lives, not to hide from them, Mothers and daughters are encouraged to do this together.

I give A Voice Becoming five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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