By Mckinsey
5 years ago

Back In America, But Missing UK Terribly

I've finally reached my final destination, America. It took me about two days, including a long layover, to finally get here.

I am missing the UK so much now, well my partner to be more specific. She's English and I'm American. For the last few years I've been going back and forth for long term visits. Hopefully, I can stay there permanently within the next year or two.

Anyways, the main reason why we haven't gotten married and applied for a spouse visa is the British spouse had to make £18,600 per year. The foreign spouse's income didn't count for anything. I use the words had and didn't because recently the UK Supreme Court ruled that the £18,600 requirement is legal, but the non-British spouse's income should count.

This means when we get married, we'll easily clear the minimum income requirement, as my income will actually count for something.

For now, I have to stay out the UK for a few months and then I can go back and we'll take things from there.

Photo via Pixabay, public domain