By complicated
4 years ago

A poem about how i feel about the weekEnd and the weekDays

Oh WeekEnd how my heart pines for you.

Weekend I'm truly excited you are here!
you always come and go but never out stay your welcome.

Weekdays feel like forever and torture when I have to wake up and go to work.
every week I take chances to settle our scores,
losing some battles and winning some wars,
never with fear. Come on man!!!! whats up with my tears?!!

Saturday and Sunday you both are so well suited for me,
with you by my side i don't have to be in disguise
you make me feel so free and alive.

Monday to friday we have a love hate relationship,
although i hate you deep down in my heart
in away no matter what you do we cant stay apart.

lets come to an agreement, let the weekend be slow and great start
and next week lets just work smart.
4 years
bee What beautiful poem
4 years
4 years
JasonJRogers Being a writer of poems myself, I absolutely loved this...Thanks for sharing! also, I so wished weekends lasted longer.
4 years