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3 years ago

7 strange ways to predict the future

Since ancient times people have tried to guess what the future will be. And if today's popular methods of predicting the future are tarot cards, for example, in the past, ways to "see" the future are far stranger.

Giving the future to parrots - this method comes from India, but today is very popular in Singapore. It uses maps that are arranged in the presence of a parrot (necessarily must be green and long-haired) before the person wishing to learn their future. Then the parrot is the one who chooses a map that predicts what the future will be.

Paw laying - This method comes from Japan but can only be applied to people who have pets. It is an analogy of looking at a hand, but in that case it reads what the future will be, not on your hand, but on the paw of your pet (can only be cats and dogs).

Prediction of the Future in the Areal - Another Japanese Practice. This method takes into account the shape, size and color of the grains that contain coded information about your future.

Prediction of the future through hens - a method of ancient Babylon. The so-called electromatics is to put a few bowls of grain in front of a hen, for each bowl to be thought of a preliminary meaning or a coincidence of circumstances. Whose bowl chooses the chicken, such will be the future. According to the ancient method, the hen must be white, and the ritual must be done only when the moon or sun is in constellation Ares. Nowadays, like this method, octopuses, cats and other animals are used to tell what the outcome of sports matches will be.

Ruppology - The shape of the butt.The ancient practice of the Babylonians is to paint the henna with red henna, and then, willing to learn its future, sit on a papyrus. Giving is based on the shape, size, and other peculiarities of the print. Today, the rumology looks more like chomomania, taking into account the form of the butt, as well as several other distinguishing marks without the need for painting and printing.

Prediction the future with asparagus. The practice starts from the UK and more precisely from the extrasense Jemina Packington. She acquired her gift from her grandmother, who was gossiping on tea leaves. Gemina uses asparagus, throwing it in the air and guessing what the future will be like the asparagus falls and stacks.

Prediction of the future with stools. The method comes from ancient Egypt, where it was wondered what would be the future of the dung beetles, their behavior, the size and shape of the stools that are rolling, the trail they leave. Subsequently, other peoples began to guess the future about the species, form and smell of stools of domestic animals. Many also use human ones.
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Bilston I don't believe in predicting the future.
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