By RussellMagill
3 years ago

5 things you never say to your Chef

Working in Hospitality, at one point or another you are going to run into a Chef. Chef's come in a variety of breeds, some quiet and small, others, large and scary. And if you work alongside these people for long enough, you are going to have the privilege of witnessing something you had only ever seen on Television. A meltdown. A workplace nightmare. A fight. If you don't want to be caught up in the middle of any of the above, you need to be careful. Here are some phrases you should never, ever.....ever utter to your Chef.

1. "This table has been waiting for a long time.

A garunteed way to put yourself in the line of fire. We aren't preparing the food slow because we feel like having a little break, we have not forgotten about your table, and by no means are we sending out the food when you complain about the wait time, raw. Go talk to your customer, apologise if you must, then take the food when it's ready.

2. "That looks cold."

OK guys, let's throw our thermometers, probes and skill out the window. Clark Kent over here has magic eyes. You are likely to get some verbal abuse for this phrase, however a first time offence may only warrant having the piss taken out of you.

3. "There's so many people out there, I wish I could just come work in here."

No, no you do not. We would be very impressed if you managed to find the pilot on the range, go back outside and take the orders so that we can all go home.

4. "Stop being so mean to the staff"

In this case, the chances are the Chef is making some vague attempt at rallying the FOH staff into better service, maybe giving them a reason to get out of the kitchen and work. It's also a high possibility that this Chef isn't being mean at all, but by saying this, you're about to see mean. You also are now labeled incompetent, well done.

5. "Just do your job and cook the food"

THIS, this is a dangerous play. If you catch the Chef on a good day, he or she is going to flat out ignore you comment. If you catch the Chef on a bad day, you may well have a walk-out on your hands. If you aren't the Head Chef and you're on the other side of the pass, you don't control the service, and you will piss a lot of people off by trying.

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