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Oh! I Didn't Know You Were a Mod!

Created on 05/06/2018 by

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This is one of those things that happens which puts you into a kind of limbo.

There's a group I belong to on Facebook. The Admin made me a Mod.

The first thing I did was make an announcement concerning an issue that many of the members are up in arms about. They've been complaining about it from the Group was created.

I made a Front Page announcement about the Issue.

I wrote a private message to a particular offender and said something like; "Please don't do that; or..."

She writes back using obscene language, and I contact the Admin, then evict her from the group, dump all her posts, and set it so that she can't see the posts.

She gets in touch with another member and says; "I didn't know you were a Mod."

Uh huh.

What difference does that make?

So because I'm a Mod she's sorry about her *&^* post? But as a plain user she feels empowered to send %^%*( posts?

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soncee Yes interesting artikle!!
Melsdename Interesting dear.
tallawah @soncee thank you
tallawah @Melsdename thank you so much
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