Payment Terms


Tuetego is only available to be worked with Pounds (GBP) at the moment but we can arrange payments to most countries.


The balance shown is just an estimated figure. The figure can fluctuate over the days due to the calculations being updated. We aim to update the balance every 24hr.

Payment methods

We provide two methods of payment at the moment and we are working to provide other payment methods in the furute. Paypal payments are available for any country and Bank Transfers are accepted for UK based accounts only.

Payments processing time

After confirming the request via email we will get your payment processed in 15 working days. Payments can be delayed a few more days during busy periods. You can always check the current state of your payment in the Activity Report in your account panel.

Payment fees

Every payment method has a different associated service fee:

Payment method Payments under 5€ Payments over 5€
Paypal Max of 3.3% + 3€ Max of 3.3%
Bank transfer (UK only) 3€ FREE

For full table of Paypal payment fees please visit the Paypal site.