Learn to use Tuetego in 5 steps

Step 1: Set up your account

Profile details

  • Username: your username is unique and you can change it anytime as long as the new username is free to use. You can use a nickname if you wish.
  • Email: the email linked to your account.
  • Name and surname: your rea name if you wish to be found by other users searching your name.
  • Langage: Tuetego interface will be shown in the language you select.
  • Email notifications: tick this box if you wish to receive some email notifications.
  • Profile picture: you can upload a new profile picture.

Step 2: Follow some users

Go to Connections

Your account is ready but you need to get into action now. You can search for other users to follow and see what they publish or share. People that follow you will see what you publish.

Step 3: Share something, say Hi!

Go to Activity Board

Other users won't follow you if you don't share or publish anything. Why not share something simple now? You can simply write "Hi" or tell other users how excited you are now that you joined Tuetego!

  • 1. Go to your Activity Board. Once you have logged in to your account every time you click on he Tuetego logo it will redirect you to your Activity Board.
  • 2. In the box at the top you will see a textbox titled "Share something or write an article". For now just share something, further on this tutorial you will see how to publish an article.
  • 3. Write something in the text box and press Publish. You just shared your first message!
  • 4. You can also share links from other websited. It's very easy, just paste the link in the text box and it will automatically retiieve the data and prepare the information to be published..
  • Congratulations, you are now a Tuetego active user. But continue reading, there's more to do!

Step 4: Rate articles

Go to Rate Articles

Rating articles of other users is one of the pillars of the Tuetego community. Also by rating articles you will be earning points that will influence your balance update at the end of the day.

Every day hundreds of new articles are published and by rating them you will be helping to keep a high quality content and a friendly site to visit regularly.

  • 1. You can find the link to Rate Articles in the dropdown meny that appears when you click on you Profile picture on the top bar.
  • 2. You will be presented with random articles. We also try to keep the authors anonymous so it doesn't influende the scores given.
  • 3. You will find at the bottom of the page 5 buttons from 1 to 5. Click on the score you think is fair and a new article will appear.

When rating articles you should take in consideration::

  • 1. Lenght of the article
  • 2. Quality of the content
  • 3. No offensive language or illegal content..
  • 4. The images.
  • 5. If the article is a copy paste from somewhere else.

Step 5: Write an article

Go to Write an Article

Now that you know the basics to move around Tuetego you might want to write an article yourself. When people visit your articles you will be receiving valuable points that will help to raise your account balance. Article visits are the mosts valiable at the time of calculating your earnings.

  • 1. Go to your Activity Board and click Write an article. You will find this in the box you used to share something in Step 3.
  • 2. Write about something you like or you are an expert on. Quality is the best way to ensure visits to your articles.
  • 3. Write a title, select a category and select the language your article is written on.
  • 4. Upload a picture for the article. Ensure the image is not copyrighted!
  • 5. Once you complete your article you can hit Publish.

And that's it! You completed the Tuetego basic tutorial. Have fun!