Payment - FAQ

When can I request a payment?

To request a payment you must meet 2 requirements:

  1. Your account must be activated
  2. You need a minimum balance of 5€ or £4.30

How can I receive a payment?

We make payments through Paypal accross the globle. UK users can also select Bank Transfer. In very specific situations we can send payments using other services but this is discretionary and Tuetego Ltd reserves the right to authorise these types of payments.

How long does the payment take to arrive?

We aim to process all requests in 15 working days from the day the payment is confirmed by the user. Sometimes it can be a few days more but feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions.

I requested a payment and it has been more than 15 days. What next?

Before writing to us you might want to do a few checks:
  1. Make sure you placed a request. If the request is not showing in your Activity Report screen means you didn't complete this. Try placing the request again.
  2. The system will send an email asking you to confirm the request. This is to ensure your details are correct and that we are not paying the wrong person. The process doesn't start until you confirm by clicking the link that contained in that email.
  3. If you recently sent an email to Tuetego regarding payments it is likely that your account is put on hold to avoid us making a mistake but this is because we are working to resolve the issue.

Are my details safe?

We have strict controls in place to ensure your details are safe and we actively improve our systems and process to give you peace of mind and a guarantee that we will always do our best in regards to data safety.