We are launching a new and exciting campaign called #BringTheLove. Some of you may have read about it as we have being sharing a few teasers. Now here is how it works and a bit more detail.

#BringTheLove is one of our biggest campaigns yet!! This will be live from 22nd August 2018. It’s all about enabling our users to earn more rewards by bring their friends and family on to Tuetego by using an official invites that is generated to each and every one of our users, this is given in a code form. Also giving our users more control the way they earn.

Completing your profile to reveal your referral code

To be able to participate you will first need to complete your profile. Maybe you already did, otherwise you will see a box like this:

You must fulfill each requirement in order to reveal your referral link. These are simple steps explained below:

Account activated

This is a basic requirement for every Tuetego user. We require the activation to ensure the user is the owner of the email associated to the account to avoid fraudulent activity. When you register you receive an email with a link to follow.

Profile picture

Your account will show a generic profile picture until you upload your own. Statistically accounts with pictures have more followers and more interaction from other users. To change your profile picture you can use the Profile option in the Tuetego App or do it on the website here.

Payment details

In order to complete the profile you must have a confirmed payment receipt method configured. You can either register a verified Paypal account (instant!) or you can register a bank account if you live in the UK (this process will take several days to complete). It is not allowed to use the same details for different Tuetego accounts.

Profile complete

Similar like the Profile Picture, this step is only to ensure the user finds the way to personalise the account. Fill out some fields in your profile so other users can know about you. To fill some profile fields you can use the Profile option in the Tuetego App or do it on the website here.

Sharing your referral link and conditions to get rewarded

Once you complete the profile requirements your referral link will be revealed. You can now share your referral link anywhere to bring new users but you will have to meet some requirements in order to be rewarded. To understand the requirements we created the Tueteg'O'Meter (you can see a visual example below). You must keep your account on a healthy A or B to receive your referral daily rewards. You can find the Tuetego'O'Meter in the daily activity report by clicking on your balance or here.

Daily Posting

Target: 1 article or 10+ posts *

Post articles frequently and why not post pictures with descriptions. Share your interests, hobbies and thoughts with others. Be more in touch with users on a daily basis. Keep it as factual or non-factual as you want; why not even write short stories or even poems, Tuetego is a safe place for everyone to express themselves. Remember pictures alone may not earn you as much as an article.


Target: receive 40 comments or more *

Commenting creates a relationship between you and the other users, which makes it more fun for you and the readers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a post. Comments can help the Tuetego users to attract traffic to your future and current posts as well as making it more social.

Likes received

Target: receive a minimum of 40 likes per day *

The more popular your posts are the more likes you will receive simple as that.

Interaction with users

Target: load/comment/like a total of 150 posts for the day *

This is how much other users interact on your posts and you in others, this could be anything from likes to a mention. This also helps keeping your old and new posts current. You can even chat live to other users whom are online at the same time as yourself.

* Note that these targets may be adjusted over time depending on the results of the campaign.