davidwithey Post
2 years ago
The Dark Side Of Gambling.

This article is meant to be an eye opener to any young man/woman who is looking to either get in to the world of gambling.

I'm going to start by stating the obvious and say do not do it. The problem with gambling is the pure buzz and excitement you get from a win, and as much as this feeling is possibly the most exhilarating feeling in the world, it can turn to hate, sadness and depression before you know it. GAMBLING IS AN ADDICTION, and to get the point quickly, you will loose. I am 22 years of age, and today I have stopped gambling for the first time.

There has been many times where I have won thousands of pounds through gambling, but the problem with this is you will always put it back on. For example, just yesterday I won £900 from a £1, and I promised myself I'd walk away on the win, but yet again I didn't. This morning I woke up, and because I won an exact figure of £954, I decided to put £54 back on to try and win more.

So £54, people probably think that's not too bad, but this is where it starts, I lost the £54 and thought okay, £100 more, it's no big deal, I'm still £800 up. Yet again another loss and I stop and think I've just lost £154, I NEED to win it back. More and more money I deposit to try and win that £154 back, when all of a sudden, not only have I spent £900, but i'm eating in to my own money too. THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH GAMBLING, you'll always end up in the long run spending more than you'll ever be able to win.

I have now spent a total of £2000, and this is how I am going to stop, by logging my progress in a way of words, which will keep my occupied not to bet, and to remind myself what a 'mugs game' it really is.

HOPEFULLY anyone who does read this, will take my advice, and save your money, no matter how much you have.