xaraponga New article
4 years ago
(watch the animated VIDEO Message Here: https://www.facebook.com/100002288569333/videos/2889848481101409/ / from whatsapp friend) Hi Friend, is everything OK with you? I hope so! «The "00C" SUPER CRYPTO INSPECTOR» IS HERE! So, STAY AT HOME, AGAINST COVID19 !! The Covid19 Fighter... Read more
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6 years ago
Let your heart fall In a deep soul of fate, What was the destiny of your destiny? To get to my palm ... Stopping to comfort yourself, The heart with your tedious cadence And between her fingers Warming it up with my thought. I'd like to paint on your soft lips Your heart divided into two. ... Read more
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6 years ago
My cat Thro is so lovable. He loves to be petted and loved but don't you bare pick him up. He does not like being held. He has alway been like this ever since we got him when he was about 6 months old . I love this cat with all my heart. He also has a brother named Iron man . There names was picked ... Read more