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71 days ago

The Twilight Series...Books...SPOILERS

This review is going to be a little all over the place just a little warning for anyone who decides to read this.

The Twilight series is the most joked about series I know of, I constantly see and hear ''Better Love story than twilight'' on a lot of things, now as someone who was born in the 90's and was 11 years old when the first film came out I was obsessed with the films, as many girls my age were at the time.
When I was 11 I had no love or books like I do now, I wouldn't be caught dead reading a book in school or out of school, so when the films came out I was in love, I thought they were the best thing to hit the screens...until 2012 when I turned 15, everyone was telling me I should hate them so...I hated the films altogether, I hated them, couldn't stand to look at them and laughed along the jokes that it was an awful film franchise.

So when Twilight was added to Netflix back in 2018 I went on a movie binge and watched all five movies in one day and I have to say they're not too bad, it was in that moment of watching all 611 minutes of the films that I wanted to read the books, I was a total twilight book virgin after swearing I would never go near them, being told the writing was so bad and it was one of the worst book series ever written...I wanted to go and check it out myself.

Finished book one in November 2018, then New Moon was finished December 2018 and I finished Eclipse in February 2019 and Both The Short Life Of Bree Tanner and Breaking Dawn in March 2019 and I have to say...I love them. I loved every single word...

I fell in love with all of the characters as soon as they were mentioned, I created new looks for every one of them even though I had the image of what they looked like in the movies and I got to tell you, so much more is explained in the books than in the movies...I feel like they gave Bella more character depth in the books, she's not just clumsy bella who falls in love with the first guy she sees,
She suffers with depression and Jasper (spoiler alert) can feel and change emotions, he's drawn to Bella because no one around him feels that way...where as in the films he comes across as this super creepy guy, No offense Jackson Rathbone...I love you, you did good.

Some characters and How I feel about them compared to the movies.

Rosalie -
- Loved her, felt more connected to her in the book as she wasn't just this mean girl in the background, we got to know why she hated Bella quite early on and why she acted the way she did around. Throughout the books we see her relationship with Bella grow into a loving sister relationship, and she even gets along with Jacob in the second half of the book...or rather they tolerate each other for their love for Bella's daughter. We get to see a jokey side to her rather than an uptight version we saw in the movies, we also get to learn about how her and Emmett met and how she was first intended to be with Edward, but they turned out to hate one another for the first few years.

Alice -
- I adored Alice in both the books and movies , I felt that the casting for Alice was flawless and they couldn't have picked someone better suited to play such a unique and kind character. In the movies it isn't addressed how certain vampires have special abilities or how they come to be, this is actually presented through Alice who knows nothing about her human life...we eventually learn about it from James who actually tracked Alice back when she was a human. Alice had visions when she was a human back in the 1900's and was locked away in a mental asylum...(does anybody else hear Alice Madness returns here....nope? Just me?) but she is turned by a random worker and still continues to have visions.. of course that's how she knows where to find Jasper and The Cullens...we're also given a little in sight on her relationship with Charlie (Bella's father) in the books they're quite close friends and talk a lot to one another, and when Edward left in New Moon and Alice returned Charlie was actually happy about it.

- In the movies I saw Esme as a background character, she wasn't given much thought and I really hated that because again, I thought the casting was perfect, in my head that's what I pictured Esme to look like...or near enough what I pictured her like. In the books we're given a kind and caring mother who loved her adoptive kids like her own...but we also learn about her dark past and how she became to be a vampire. She's also given hobbies, she loves decorating and even decorated the little cottage for Edward and Bella's wedding gift knowing how much they loved the Island they'd stayed on, on their honeymoon.

- I'm going to go right ahead and say it...I hated Jacob in the books until Breaking dawn, couldn't stand him as a character and it's not because I'm team Edward, let's be real, I am Team Alice all the way, but putting my hate aside for him...I felt the character was really good. He was portrayed perfectly in the films, arrogant and obnoxious but an all around good guy in the end. I personally liked his and Edward's bond in the end of the series and how they became friends...not as close as Seth and Edward in the books (Love their friendship).

Charlie -
- Charlie. Charlie. Oh how I love book Charlie compared to the film one!! I loved Billy Burke...I couldn't have picked someone better suited for the role but the book was so much better for him! We got to fall in love with him as a father trying his hardest to help Bella, and I also feel like we got a better relationship with both Bella and Charlie, she loved him down to earth and never wanted to leave because she was so scared about his cooking and him being alone. I feel in the books we really got a nice real relationship between the pair rather than this awkward one we were shown on the screens.

Jessica - Hated in books and movies...can't stand her lmao

There's so much more I could say about these books but that would take all day and be a long article for this website

All in all I think the books are the best, if you're a book kind of person. I personally would re-read all of the books over and over again just to get lost in their worlds once again. I love a book when I can really get to know the characters and others around them.

So out of 10 I give the twilight series as a whole ... 8/10

- Signing off