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Symptoms of Ascension

"What is happening to me? Are I crazy or sick ?! "

There are more and more people who notice that strange things happen to them, that they have bizarre sensations and reactions, that their mind is no longer "normal" and that "strangeness" affects them not only in the waking state, but also in sleep. Some of these things are not only bizarre, they are also painful and others are completely tricking those who experience them.

First of all, I would like to say that if sensations / reactions / pains that worry you, it is a good idea to go to the doctor and do the necessary investigations. If, however, after these investigations the doctor tells you that he has found nothing wrong, then you might consider the idea that what you are experiencing is the so-called "symptoms of Ascension."
More specifically, it's about how our body reacts to the vibrational high-energy waves that blow the Earth and that affects us all without exception. Depending on the energy level of each, the reactions are stronger or moderate.
Beyond being surprised, that makes us confused and sometimes hurts in various areas of the body, all this is not a bad sign; on the contrary, I'm a good sign - it shows us that our body is "energy-adjusted".

Nothing wrong with us; I just worked out after old, outdated patterns, we suppressed / accumulated years and lives in turn negative emotions and traumas of all kinds, we "disagreed" and now we are cleaned of these negative emotions and we are "tuned" to vibrations higher ones, those in which we worked much better. It is a process that affects every cell of our body and involves the activation of our DNA - that part of DNA that has been called "residual" and which actually contains information codes that are now starting to be activated.
Our body enters a "general (general) cleansing", among which, among other things, all the low-vibrating emotions suppressed during our lives are eliminated. We clean the "vibrational trash" from the inside, purify ourselves, so we can raise our frequency.

Here are some of the things you can experience in this process:
* You feel different, but you do not know how to tell in what way. You will not find yourself in situations, activities, or relationships that until recently you feel good. You see others with other eyes, you perceive them altogether differently than you perceive them until now. Things / activities that until recently you would like, enjoy, now feel annoyed / stupid / stupid. You feel a void inside, you do not know who you are and what you want.
* tingling or numbness in different parts of the body; palpitations; sometimes there is a "muscular fever", although you have not made any physical effort
* Very strong headaches that do not pass through any medication
* dizziness (some so strong that you can not stand on your feet), nausea, vomiting. It is possible to wake up in the morning with such symptoms or to suddenly appear during the day. It may take a few minutes or a few hours.
* Blurred eyes, cloudy eyes. You do not see clearly, things in front of you lose their outlines. It may take a few minutes or a few hours
* Toothache that comes out of the blue and disappears like that
* You start to suffer from claustrophobia, although you have never had such problems before
* There are allergies you have never had. It can happen that the foods you enjoyed and that you regularly consume in the past are now causing your allergies
* The way you feed yourself is totally upset: in some days you eat, you are very hungry all the time, you can not stop eating, and then there are days when you are not hungry at all, do not eat ) nothing. It respects body requirements and in one situation, on the other. When you are very hungry, energy updates happen and your body needs food to support this process. When you are not hungry, do not force yourself to eat, even if it is for days; your body knows what and when it needs. When it will need food, it will give you the signal by feeling hungry.
And food appetites will be jolly: today is your lust and you eat something, and tomorrow you feel you can not bear the thought of that food, you have not put your mouth on it in any form. Sometimes your body will require solid food, sometimes it will only want liquid food - soup, fruit juice, milk, etc.
* Experiment with panic attacks in the blue for no apparent reason. In fact, what is happening is that you release the frictions stored in your cellular memory and that is why the very strong emotions that you feel like paralyzing occur. Allows it to happen, it's nothing bad - you're cleaning up some low vibrations.
* feeling disorientated
* memory loss lasting minutes or hours in a row. This is not the so-called "lapsus". You do not know what they are or to what use of certain items you use daily; do not recognize the words you use in common, you do not know what those words mean; Drive your car and you realize you do not know where you want to go; talk to someone and at some point you realize that you do not remember exactly what you talked with that person until that time; have temporary amnesia episodes; forget about past events, the names of people you meet quite often, etc.
Many people going through such situations fear that they have an Alzheimer's start, because such amnesia episodes scare them. There is nothing serious, memory will come back. What happens is that our memory is "up-to-date" and when this happens, it no longer works, it can not be accessed, and the "file" is locked until the "adjustment" is completed.
On the other hand, some things / events are permanently removed from your memories; memory is "cleansed" by everything that is no longer serving at the new vibrational level you are climbing. If there are things you do not remember at all, this is because they will no longer serve anything; are overtaken, the person you are now no longer needs them.
* You feel disoriented, fail to focus, fail to write correctly and consistently a text; you are scattered, you lose things all the time
* You suddenly go from one emotional state to another. People who are generally calmly notice that they are more annoyed than anything; others suddenly go from a state of joy to a deep sadness without reason
* Experience true energy storms in various parts of the body or throughout the body, sometimes accompanied by strong warmings in the area. Sometimes you feel such energy and warmth as if there had been an explosion inside you. Sometimes you feel that the whole body has entered, as if the inside of each cell is shaky, it's like a continuous tremor that can take a few minutes or a few hours. It may happen that such a tremor lasts for an entire night, in which case it is impossible to fall asleep.
* spasms of some body parts or the entire body, you feel as if you are passing electric current through the area and it shakes you. It may take a few minutes or it may take several hours
* Strong pressure and an energetic swirl in the chest, which almost cuts your breath and which leads many to the thought of a possible infarction. The first time can be quite shocking experience and can fool you into scaring, but with time you get used to it and when you know what's going on, you just let the process run and wait for it to end. It may take minutes
* strange dreams, in which all sorts of strange, unpleasant things happen to you; nightmares. It has no negative meaning, it's also a cleaning of low vibrational energies
* Wake up from sleep one or more times during the night, then fall asleep. It can happen for weeks or months, night night. It's possible that the awakenings take place at 2:22, 3:33 or 4:44 hours
* irregular sleep patterns. One day you are sleeping at 21 o'clock, another day you are only sleeping at 1 o'clock in the morning. You sess that when you are sleeping, you just feel like you were taken out of the socket, you can not keep your eyes open, you can not work anymore. It's not like your usual fatigue at the end of the day; is a state that almost paralyzes you.
Our body is also updating in sleep. When you are in such a state, when you can not keep your eyes open, no matter what the time is, the body gives you the signal that you need to go to sleep immediately so that you can make new energy updates in your sleep. Let everything go aside and lie down, because you can not do anything anyway, no matter how much you pull it: you will be completely disoriented, you will be like a zombie. Cooper with your body and lie down.
Such situations can happen during the day. If you have this possibility, lie for a few tens of minutes.
* You hear sounds / noises that others do not perceive - tinkles, screaming or rumbling - that can be continuous and can be so powerful that sometimes you can not fall asleep because of them. It may take days, weeks, months or years.

For those who experience such symptoms, it is of great help to know what it is, so as not to be scared. Some of them are bearable, but others can be painful. They appear unexpectedly and disappear after a few minutes, a few hours or a few days.
But when you know that what is happening is for your own good, you can detach the process and you can go through it more easily because you change the perspective. From "I'm sick, I'm sick, but I do not know exactly what I have!" Or "Do I crazy?", Change the approach: "I go through energy adjustments, I get the vibration!". You can even monitor with amused curiosity how energies manifest in your body, every time.
If you have ensured that your doctor has found nothing wrong from a medical point of view, and so you will be quiet from this point of view, all you have to do is accept that you are going through an energy adjustment. Even if you experience states / reactions / emotions that your mind does not understand and that seem "bizarre", let it happen and stretch for a few minutes in case you can not stand on your feet . Even if the energy storms that you feel within yourself, possibly combined with some pain, you might scare yourself, tell yourself that it's good, it's a process of energetic cleansing and you do not let yourself be afraid, because it will lower vibration and reduce the magnitude of "updating". In this case, it still remains "cleaned" and another time ...
And if it is too much for you, you can ask the Divinity / the Universe (in a loud or loud voice) to reduce the intensity of those energies to one that is supportive for you. When this energy level adjustment can be made, you will feel it will happen in a few seconds. Sometimes, however, can not - and then we need to support those sensations at maximum intensity.

When you have dizziness, nausea, pain, etc., if they are supportive, it is preferable not to take medication. Do not load the body with chemicals. But if there are severe pain, take medication to help you bear it.
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