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Supplement BIO-D3 Complex

This is a food supplement containing vitamin D3, K2 and Omega 3 vegetal.
It is known that vitamin D is produced in the skin after exposure to sunlight, and in contact with ultraviolet rays B (UVB) it is transformed into vitamin D3.
What it helps:
- faster absorption of calcium in the body: in elderly people it prevents fragility of the bones and prevents fractures, and in children it prevents rickets and helps a more harmonious development of the bone system.

Vitamin K2 contributes to the metabolism of calcium in the body and provides transport, plus calcium fixation in the bones with vitamin D3.
 It is particularly important in the diet of children, as it helps the harmonious development of the bone and tooth systems
, and older people maintain bone health and reduce the risk of fractures.

Omega 3 is the essential unsaturated fatty acids that the body is incapable of producing. Seeds contain essential fatty acids that contribute to:
- lowering blood pressure
- to reduce the appearance of cardiovascular problems, helping to maintain the functioning of the circulatory system
- Reduces cholesterol levels in the body and triglycerides
- It stimulates the burning of fats and their transformation into energy

This vitamin supplement D3, K2 and Omega 3 is beneficial to the entire body and contributes to:
- maintaining bone health
- Improvement of the state of mind
-Supported immune system functioning
- good functioning of the cardiovascular system

This combination is important both for the proper absorption of minerals and for metabolism.
  It is also important for tooth remineralization and caries prevention in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
  Doctors in Argentina, Canada, Germany, Italy, Peru, Portugal and Brazil recommend vitamin D3 in autoimmune diseases:
- multiple sclerosis,
- Type I diabetes,
- intestinal inflammatory diseases,
- rheumatoid arthritis and
- lupus
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