By Lutfur1
2 years ago

Pubs scare


The Birmingham Six were six men—Hugh Callaghan, Patrick Joseph Hill, Gerard Hunter, Richard McIlkenny, William Power and John Walker—sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975 in England for the Birmingham pub bombings. While the search was in progress the police were informed of the Birmingham bombings. Skuse's evidence was clearly preferred by Bridge.[5] The jury found the six men guilty of murder. Raymond Murray. (n.d; 1975?) The Birmingham Framework: Six innocent men framed for the Birmingham Bombings Chris Mullin Error of Judgement^ Beverley Schurr. Raymond Murray. (1976) The Birmingham Framework: Six innocent men framed for the Birmingham Bombings^ Richards, Andy; Cannon, Matt (19 November 2014). "Birmingham pub bombings: The 28 numbers that add up to a cover-up, say campaigners".

This is precautionary it did not happen or did happen it cannot be ignored the pub was blown up it's more serious nowadays with terrorist at the highest level and many organised terrorist groups at large so it can't be ignored that there could be another deadly terrorist attack on a pub. How do pub take measurements of pub safety well there are security mens who take it seriously and check who is going in and out of the pub but also security cameras aid to the most of the security but still is not enough pubs staff have been told not to blow or rattle envelopes mail sent to pubs further security is carried out before the pub is open such as the area searched for any suspicious package or bags in or out of the pub premises. The security is not so tight though for example not all customers are stopped and searched before entering a pub in early hours and it remains a threat to pub safety and security of other customers and staff in the pub.