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Philly Cheesesteak

Philly Cheesesteak originated in the U.S.A. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is a sandwich made from thinly sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese on a long roll. Cheesesteaks are one of Philadelphia’s favorite foods, along with hoagies, water ice, and soft pretzels.

Credited with inventing the cheesesteak are Philadelphians Pat and Harry Olivieri by serving chopped-up steak on hoagie rolls in the early 1930s. They began selling it at their hot dog stand near south Philadelphia’s Italian Market. Once they caught on Pat opened his own cheesesteak restaurant in 1930 and it still operates today as Pat’s King of Steaks. As time passed there was a demand for change and cheese was added. Cheez Whiz was first marketed in 1953.

The steak is typically top round, although other types such as rib eye are often used. One way of preparing the cheesesteak is to cut the steak very thin so that it is almost translucent. Then it is placed on a lightly oiled griddle at medium temperature. The slices are quickly browned and then scrambled into smaller pieces with a flat spatula. To prevent the steak from getting overdone it is often placed on top of lightly fried onions. At times thicker slices of steak are used such as chunks of frozen thin slices which are defrosted as they are cooked. There are some vendors who omit the chopping, serving their sandwiches with the slices of steak in the whole form.

Cheese can be added at the last stage of griddling, placed on the bread before the meat is added or ladled on top of the sandwich as the last step. When adding cheese while griddling the steak is shaped on the griddle so that the roll could cover it then the cheese is laid on top and allowed to melt for a minute and then the roll is placed over the steak and with a spatula, the entire contents are scooped onto the roll.

Another method is that the cheese is placed along the inner sides of the sliced roll and either melted beforehand or melted by the heat of the freshly cooked steak. The sandwich is served in a long roll, typically a 6 or 12 inch (15 or 30 cm) loaf of Italian bread. The bread is sliced lengthwise to form a cradle, similar to what is done to a hot dog bun. A cheesesteak may include other optional ingredients like fried onions, sautéed green peppers, and mushrooms. There are some menus that include mayonnaise, hot sauce, ketchup or pizza sauce.

The cheeses most frequently used are white American, provolone, and Cheez Whiz. A few locations may offer Swiss, cheddar or mozzarella. Since Cheez Whiz was first marketed in 1952 it soon became the topping of choice because of the ease with which it spreads. Some places pre-melt the cheese to achieve a Cheez Whiz-like consistency but some just put freshly cut slices over the meat letting the heat of the sandwich melt it. There is also mild provolone.

Variations of the cheesesteak are a steak sandwich topped with pizza sauce and sliced or crumbled mozzarella and is known as a pizza steak. It’s melted under a broiler to brown the cheese. Some places offer sliced pepperoni as an additional topping to make it a pepperoni pizza steak. A cheesesteak made with chicken is called a chicken cheesesteak which can be served with honey mustard. When served with buffalo wing sauce and bleu cheese dressing it’s known as a buffalo chicken cheesesteak.
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