By GregSee1
11 days ago

Buying Your First Knife...

So, I wrote about my fascination with blades a few days back and everyone seems to like it. With that in mind I thought I'd continue writing about knives and gear and such with a 'buyer's guide' type piece.

No, this isn't a list of the best knives I've ever used; it's a series of tips for people who maybe want to get into knives as a hobby or maybe you want to buy a knife to carry and don't know where to start or what to get. Let's get started.

When looking to buy your first knife there are some things to consider - apart from the obvious (i.e. legality):

1. The type of knife - is it a fixed blade or a folding blade?
2. The size and weight of the knife.
3. The Blade Profile

So, let's say you're looking to buy a knife that you can carry to and from work; start out by creating a list of criteria. What do you want in terms of size and weight? Do you need a locking folding blade or a fixed blade?

As an example, let me share my criteria: When I purchase a knife the main criteria is that the knife has to be big enough to get the job done but small enough that I can use it without scaring anyone. I generally prefer locking blades over non-locking blades (slip joints) simply because I find them to be more reliable and I don't have to worry about the blade snapping shut on my fingers (I have some clumsy days).

A big part of the criteria is the blade profile (shape); I want a blade that will get the job done, hold an edge and that isn't overly threatening/aggressive-looking.

Now, the most important part of buying a knife is to handle it before purchase. That doesn't mean start cutting things with it but just hold the knife in a few different grips, test the weight; if it feels good in your hand and the weight is right and it matches up with whatever other criteria you set for yourself then you may have just found your first knife.

So, this took a lot longer - six drafts - before I published it and now I want to know your thoughts. What are your criteria when it comes to buying knives? Do you buy knives at all as a hobby? I may do another article on this subject; going into my full list of criteria - I didn't use the whole list - but we'll see.
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