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The Triond Forum; being at Ground Zero

Created on 11/05/2018 by

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Back in 2008 there was a Writing Site called Triond. For those who never knew it, a history.

Triond was an up front site. You could see your coin, your hits, everything as you logged on.

Divided into Subsite, Healthmad, Thrifter, Webupon, Bookstove, Bizcovering, etc. were just some of them, meaning that one didn't mix up a recipe with a news story.

There were 2.8 Million visitors.

To earn $50 a month was no big deal, for there were many others who earned much more than that.

There was a Forum on Triond open to members, and it was in this Forum that many ideas were mooted. Ideas at how to get more hits or deal with plagiarizers, etc.

Triond had a large number of very good writers. Some were published journalists. The quality was very high.

As a spoof one of them decided to write about the 'suicide' of Johnny Depp. Obviously it was fiction from first word to last.

Yet, in one day, 2 Million people ran to read it. On that day that writer earned over $30k.

Others, excited by the prospect, began to consider what they could write to earn, and that was how the White House Insider was created.

The reason I mention this is that I was there and saw how fake news was done and published and accepted.

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Shavkat I was a member here before
tallawah @Shavkat when it first began and for a few years after, it was such a good site.
Shavkat @tallawah Indeed, it was a good site. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to retrieve all my write-ups on this site.
tallawah @Shavkat It went down before I was able to retrieve many items, and some I really had worked on.
Shavkat @tallawah You are lucky, my friend. During that time, I was so slow catching up with such writing site. I thought it would be forever. I love all my articles embedded on Triond.
tallawah You can prob. try the waybackmachine and see if you can find any.
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