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Created on 09/05/2018 by

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I came across an article on Narcissists during a Stumble and I read it, and suddenly recognised someone I knew as exactly that.

I was lucky to 'escape' fairly early in life.

Years later, meeting him again, aware of all his traits I was prepared.

But I didn't know exactly what was wrong with him, until reading the article.

As I say, I was lucky.

I just thought he was misguided or off or just abusive, nothing to take him out of the general population.

Now I know his definition.

I reflect on those early years, the 'tricks' he tried to play which seemed so weird.

I didn't realise that the most important thing in his life was to demean another person, and it didn't matter how much it cost him in money, respect, love, friendship, even work.

Just to demean other people made him feel better about himself so losing was not counted in the bargain.

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