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Whatever He Supports; Tear it Down!

Created on 08/05/2018 by

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To say Trump is a racist is to say water is wet. Of course he is racist, always has been always will be.

The idea that a Black Man was in the White House before him, the fact people around the world (as well as in the U.S.) loved and still love him, enrages the Desperate Cheeto.

Anything that Barack Obama did he will destroy. It doesn't matter what it is; from a treaty to a policy to attendance at a specific function; whatever it was, Trump is totally against it.

Like the brat in Junior school; if its a female, she hates the girl who is prettier than she is, if the brat is male, he hates the boy who can outplay him on the field.

The brat will do anything to 'hurt' the other. If the 'enemy' likes chocolate ice cream, even though the brat may love it, another flavour will be ordered.

Everyone in the World knows that a big fat slabber guy with orange fake tan hates the tall, slender black guy who didn't buy his wife, who doesn't buy friends.

So of course the Deal will be scrapped; Obama worked on it.

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soncee Wow cool 😎
tallawah @soncee thank you so much for reading and commenting
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