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What Makes Me Stop Watching a T.V. Show

Created on 08/05/2018 by

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For the past year or so I've been watching television programs online. This means I watch what I want, when I want.

With all this sudden power and with an enormous selection, it isn't as it was in the old days where either one watched what was on or went to bed.

I've begun to notice certain things about some shows and I'm not putting up with it.

Take 'Killing Eve'. Sure I love Sandra Oh, but I'm not about to watch one of those super powerful psychopaths. I stopped watching after 3 epis.

'Homeland' went off for me a long time ago. Imagine a bi-polar CIA agent? Ha. You know that as soon as it was learned, she'd be out of work. Not go in her whack way season to season. When Matt Brody died, so did my viewing.

'Scandal' has not been seen by me since the last World Cup. Once they made the star's father into the Omnipotent Villain I stopped watching.

"Quantico" was another joke. Someone learning how to be an agent being so all powerful? Yah. Three epis, done.

Do you watch T.V. online? What do you NOT watch?

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