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When it Rains in Jamaica

Created on 07/05/2018 by

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It is probable that Noah would recognise this kind of rain. It rains as if a shower has been turned on.

As Jamaica isn't very important, there is no warning. So maybe you see some clouds, you figure okay, I'll get back before it rains, expecting maybe a 30 minute rain.

Not Noachian flooding.

It began raining yesterday about 1:30 pm and has continued, mostly on, but with a few breaks, and continuing. I began this article today, at 4:30 pm, and it is going between normal rain and the kind that made Noah build an Ark.

A number of roads have given away, there has been flooding, landslides, and the usual.

As Jamaica is a dry weather country, internet connection and electricity have been unreliable.

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Shavkat When it rains, it is nice to see the beauty of having such weather. c",)
tallawah @Shavkat It floods, light goes out, roads are blocked. Not so nice
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