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The Shiny Invitation

Created on 06/05/2018 by

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This is a true story about how crass some people can be.

As I entered, the tea lady gave me a shiny blue envelope, and
asked if I could give it to Mr. A.

I took it the envelope, found a corner, opened it; an invitation to a function which would take place right after next week's meeting.

The function would be held at a very expensive place when the meeting hall was virtually free to members.

The reason it was being held elsewhere was to exclude particular members of the group.

The meeting would be held next week, and those who were invited would ride off, leaving the 'rejects' behind.

It is a small group which meets here once a week. No matter what the function, three or even five 'extra' mouths shouldn't make a difference when a few dozen 'outsiders' are invited.

But it is not the function which is the key feature. It is uninviting other people. It is an attempt to insult.

As I came into the hall I saw two obnoxiously pretentious people semi-surreptitiously handing out these Shiny Blue Envelopes.

I say, semi- surreptitiously, as it hard to miss a shiny blue envelope and that the handing out was done in such a manner that those who weren't invited would know they weren't invited.

On the appointed day, those of us who weren't invited to the function did not attend the meeting.

There wasn't a quorum. The meeting couldn't be held.

After the non-meeting the members who were invited drove ten miles to the local of ther function.

Mr. A. , who had been invited, told me how upset the holders of the function were, as no one who wasn't invited attended the meeting. This meant that the Pompous had no one to impress.

The function would cost thousands of dollars, but feed their egos not a single cent.

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soncee So nice artikle 👍 👍
tallawah @soncee thank you so much soncee for reading and commenting
soncee You're Welcome my dear friend 💜
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