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Using Hubpages for Storage

Created on 05/05/2018 by

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Hubpages came into existence in 2006. It was, originally, a fairly good, well paying site which had many excellent articles.

It used to receive something like 12M hits a month. Those who wrote there regularly and networked, would easily make $50 a month.

By 2010 it had twisted into what Google calls a 'Content Farm', meaning a cow pasture.

This resulted in items published on Hubpages scoring very low in a Google as everything began with a 'minus' score.

The site limped along, implementing one useless and ridiculous policy after another, trying to regain its 'glory'.

Those who had written there became disgusted by the crummy computer program which 'checked' their work.

This ridiculous program always found... 'spammy' elements, (whatever that means) and 'non-feature' the article.

When an item is Non-Featured, it is only visible to the writer.

Originally writers would try to 'correct' an article, (which had no fault save the crummy program which checked the work) and after all the labour, wind up having the article 'non-featured' again.

After a lot of writers quit, the use of Hubpages became evident.


Imagine you are working on a story or an article. You publish it on Hubpages.

Your rough work is Published on Hubpages, so you can prove the date you published it, just in case of copyright arguments.

it is likely it will be 'non-featured' if you bold a word or two, so you have it there 'published' (not a draft) but invisible.

When you want to test another site, you can post the article (or paragraphs of it) there without a blink. This is because, as I stated before, when an item is 'non-featured' on Hubpages, it is invisible to the public. It is just as hidden were it on a computer with no Internet connection. No plagiarism checker can find it.

If you publish the item that is 'non-featured' on Hubpages on another site, and that other site won't pay you or let you take it down... you use the 'Copyright' card.

The item WAS published on Hubpages before that other site.

Another good fact about storage is that it allows you to work from various locations.

You post the item to Hubpages from home, work on it when you have a chance at your job. You can be anywhere, using any computer, and be able to edit your work.

This is why so many people use Hubpages for storage, not publishing.

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tallawah @soncee it is very useful.
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