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When You Think You Are So Important

Created on 04/05/2018 by

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I was at one of those fancy North Coast Hotels, in one of those rooms with it's private patios.

I was sitting outside, smoking, not bothering anyone.

Coming from down the corridor is this big guy. Must be about six feet six. Broad. (I'm five feet tall, about 90 pounds, skinny).

So he come towards me, stops about eight feet away and looking down at me says; (in this rough voice) "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't smoke."

So I look at him, and just in case he thought I was some kind of tourist, answered in patwa;

"Breddren; dis ya my part of the patio, go back to your part of the patio."

He stood glaring, as if he'd reach over and grab my throat, when up came a friend of mine and said; "A wa gwan?" (What is going on?)

The guy looked at my friend, who looked back at him and then turned to me; "Yu know dis butta crotches?" (I won't translate this).

"No." I said.

The guy realised he wasn't intimidating anyone, so went back to his room.

My friend asked me about the guy and I told him what had happened, and he sat down, lit his own cigarette and we started talking.

It was a bit later I recognised the guy who had the temerity to walk to my part of the veranda to 'lay down the law.'

Years ago he'd been an actor; I recall seeing him on a show that went off the air.

Even if I remembered his name it wouldn't matter since no one ever heard of him, or ever will.

Can you imagine a person this presumptuous appearing on a drama and telling the other actors how to live?

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Melsdename Very interesting. Thank you for sharing
tallawah @Melsdename you are very welcome
soncee Interesting artikle nice hotel
tallawah @soncee thank you soncee dear
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