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Contempt, masking as Political Correctness

Created on 14/04/2018 by

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Jamaica is a country in which we are NOT Politically Correct. Maybe some government ministers will hold their tongues, but the average Jamaica, doesn't.

When I go to America on a visit, I feel as if I have entered one of those totalitarian states, because one can NOT say what they feel.

In Jamaica, when you have contempt for someone you don't waste your breath. They can say what they want and you don't respond.

When you respect someone who holds a different position, you'll argue, even get heated, because you CARE about what they think.

When you don't respect someone, they make a statement, you don't react. You say nothing. If they want to eat poison, 'irie said speed', (I don't care what you think or do, it doesn't effect me).

In America, people don't speak because they can't. They can not use words or terms or express idea without being attacked, so remain silent.

People might think they agree but they don't. They will do exactly what they please without any reference to what is expected if one thinks silence is agreement.

For example, I belonged to an organisation and someone advocated a particular action and no one responded. The person who advocated the position thought others agreed, and went deeper into plans.

At one point the speaker asked for a show of hands as to how many people would be at a particular point. No one raised their hands.

It would have been better if the speaker realised no one was with her before babbling for five minutes.

In America people are so afraid of 'offending' that they don't speak.

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soncee Very interesting artikle friend!
tallawah @soncee thank you for reading and commenting on my article
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