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If You Think Zuck didn't know... Bob Marley's Statue is For Sale

Created on 10/04/2018 by

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The day you joined Facebook, you probably didn't think it was anything beyond a social network.

The day Facebook went on the Stock Market, you had to ask; "But wait... where did they get all that money?"

Facebook DECLARED that it made EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS in 2017.

Made it from what?

The ads no one looks at?


Facebook made and makes its money by selling data. It sells a lot of data to different places for big money.

It knows what country maybe even what part of the country you live in and sells that to local advertisers.

It has algorithms to pick up certain words, and sells those to specific entities.

If you are pro-Trump, for example, they sell your data to the Republican Party to milk you for donations. If you are anti-Trump, they sell your data to the Democratic Party to milk you for donations.

If you have certain medical or psychological conditions or mention them, your information is sold to Big Pharm.

On and on and on.

You'll get emails, see ads, and wonder 'How Do They Know you are thinking of traveling to Jamaica?' for look! All these ads are about Hotels in Jamaica.

Pop in Hong Kong, and see the ads change to Hotels in Hong Kong.

As bad as that is, it isn't as bad as Facebook gets.

The recent admission that it sold data to a company you know nothing about is just the tiny tip of the Iceberg.

And Zuckerberg knows... knew... and set up Facebook from DAY ONE to be a data mining operation.

You've been tricked, bamboozled, used, and abused by Facebook.

And Zuck is responsible for it.

So you can listen to him lie and distract and try to make it seem he didn't know... but don't believe him.

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eugenemeric I have a facebook account but have not visited it for a long time.
tallawah @eugenemeric What I did was to join in a nick and hide most real data.
ORourkeDesigns I have mine and my fan page and a few groups which I make most of my business from there. Here people will not click on my links and leave me any comments on the actual site. No views on the site less chance of sale the items gets dropped to the bottom. With FB friends which are most artist know the trick we support each other and click on the site and leave a comment on the actual site of the artist. Posting it on other sites does not give you likes towards your own account because they are not linked in any way.
tallawah I can see you are in a slightly different position. Facebook is not using you, you are using Facebook.
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