By RasmaSandra
18 days ago

Haunted King Cromartie House

I have always thought that the best kind of ghost stories and stories about haunting are stories which are true. There are many haunted places all over the U.S. but unless people are sensitive to the World Beyond they might never realize that they live next door to ghosts unless strange things begin to happen.

King Cromartie House is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the city’s Historic Village.


It all began when building contractor Edwin T. King built a one-story bungalow for his family in 1907. The house had carbide lamps and running water. When a man named Bloxham Cromartie asked Mr. King if he could marry his daughter Louise, King gave his consent and gave them the family home. The young couple added a second story to the house in 1911. Up until 1968 different members of the King-Cromartie family lived in this house. Afterward it was sold.

Unfortunately, even though this was a historical structure the new owner was considering tearing down the house. It was the Junior League of Fort Lauderdale that came to the rescue and raised funds to save the King-Cromartie home. Then the 200-ton structure was placed on a barge and moved on down the river to the older historic area. The house was placed on the playground of the 1899 historic schoolhouse.

In 1971 it was opened as a historic house museum and in 1994 the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society took over custody. The King-Cromartie House Museum is now part of the Fort Lauderdale Historic Village.

Ghostly Manifestations

It is a known fact that people who die prematurely with no warning whatsoever due to disease, accident or murder tend to not be ready to venture to the other side but instead chooses to stay in their favorite place here on earth.

In the 19th and early 20th century, before there were pesticides, vaccinations and antibiotics, lots of children succumbed to disease and infection. At that time yellow fever was a big killer in Florida due to the many mosquitoes. These children often stayed around even after death continuing to play in their favorite places.

Louise King Cromartie died of yellow fever in the 1920s at a fairly young age.

Today at the King-Cromartie house the apparition of Louise has been seen looking out of her second story bedroom window. There are people who have seen her clearly. They say she has blond hair, wears a bun and has ringlets along the sides of her face. She wears a pink dress.

A team of paranormals has caught on film a soft movement as curtains are brushed aside from this window. Leaving the camera behind they have also caught a photo of an apparition standing at the window looking down upon people outside.

Entities of Children

Since the King-Cromartie house has been placed on the playground of an old school people can hear the sounds of children and see unexplained movements. Suddenly a porch swing might start rocking as if a child was enjoying it. Sounds such as children running, playing, laughing and singing can be heard around and in the back of the house.

Today Louise remains at the house enjoying her time in her bedroom and keeping an eye out on the living. As for the children even though there is not too much evidence of them at present surely some do remain behind enjoying playing in a place where they once felt so very happy.

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