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The Sise Inn

The Sise Inn is located in Portsmouth a lovely New England seaport town in New Hampshire. The building is an 1881 Queen Anne mansion which was renovated into an inn. The house has three stories, a ground floor, and an atrium. There is a wonderful Victorian style atmosphere inside the inn and antique furniture in all of the rooms.
John Sise a wealthy businessman built the mansion for his family and was used as a private residence until the 1930s at which time it was put to use for business reasons and professional services. There were doctor offices, a beauty parlor, apartments, a shop for fashion and a half-way house for mental patients.

Once the house became an inn the staff, guests, and a former mental patient started noticing strange occurrences. A favorite spot for ghostly entities appears to be Suite 204 located on the third floor and the area surrounding it. These entities like to have fun like playing with the ice machine and tossing ice about. They enjoy locking and unlocking doors and causing havoc for the living.
Strange occurrences:

One night a desk clerk heard that the ice machine on the third floor was working and this was odd because there were no guests on that floor. So up he went to take a look at what was going on and discovered a trail of ice cubes leading to the open door of Suite 204. Right by the door was a heap of ice cubes but no one was around.

At another time guests staying in Suite 204 discovered that their key would not open the door. It was 2 AM and even the desk clerk couldn’t open the door. The manager came to the rescue with the emergency key but when nothing seemed to work by 4 AM a locksmith was called. What was incredibly strange was that the locksmith could open the door with the guest’s original key. For some reason, there was an entity who hadn’t wanted anyone to enter the room previously.

Other times the key to Suite 204 just went missing.

Other strange and odd things have occurred in other guest rooms as well:

While maids have been cleaning up rooms there has been a male entity that prefers to come up behind them to put his hands on their hips.

There was a maid who found herself being pulled into a closet.

Several maids have discovered cold spots in empty rooms and having trouble opening locked doors.

A female guest lay down to rest and felt an unseen entity lay down next to her meanwhile pushing that side of the bed downwards.

A guest decided enough was enough when a potted plant in his room just suddenly flew off the coffee table. He asked for a new room.

Among the modern conveniences at the inn is an elevator which has a mind of its own and goes up and down by itself opening and closing the door.

Next, to the registration desk, a rocking chair enjoys rocking by itself.
A pair of scissors which are always kept under the registration desk were discovered on top of the desk with no explanation.

After these occurrences, of course, one would begin to wonder who these entities could possibly be. One frightening story is of a butler who fell in love with a maid and after their relationship broke up he killed the maid and then hung himself in the room which is now Suite 204. However, this has not been proven. There are those who speculate that after a man murdered his wife two houses away from the Sise Inn that perhaps these spirits moved on over to the inn. The thought is that perhaps the entity of the wife is now trying to lock out her murderous husband, therefore, some of the rooms cannot be unlocked at times. Then, of course, there is the ladies man the entity who enjoys toying with the maids and seems to enjoy playing with the ice machine and the elevator.

All of these entities enjoy their stay at Sise Inn and the owners are willing to put up with them even if at times they can get annoying. As far as anyone knows these entities are still there so if you like to mingle with spirits take a trip and stay at the inn. Who knows it just might be a fun night tossing about ice cubes.

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