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Know Your Pudding

The Great British Baking Show has become popular in the U.S. through PBS and Netflix. However there are certain things about food that come to mean different things for the British and the Americans. During each season this show dedicates at least one challenge to what is known as “puddings”.

Classic British Dishes Which Can Be Referred to As Puddings

• A boiled or steamed fruitcake which traditionally doesn’t include plums is known as a Christmas Pudding or Plum Pudding.
• A sausage that is made of blood thickened with oatmeal is called Black Pudding. This may sound a bit bizarre or horrid however Latvians also have a kind of blood sausage simply called “asins desa” or “blood sausage”. I believe our version omits the oatmeal but it is still a very tasty sausage.
• A quick bread that is made out of batter that is like pancake batter and then heated quickly to make a kind of dinner roll is known as Yorkshire Pudding.
• Sticky Toffee Pudding is a cake that is filled with chopped dates and covered with caramel and at times with cream or ice cream.
• Steak and Kidney Pudding is a meat pie which includes these two kinds of food.
• Similar to a thick split-peas soup but more in texture to hummus is Pease Pudding.

All of these different foods certainly do not resemble anything that is like regular pudding. This is because most people when asked if they would like a pudding expect a sweet kind of dessert. What one has to understand is that when the British refer to “
pudding” they are referring to a course of a meal or to specific dishes. The specific dishes would never be served as a “pudding course” of a meal.

The Origin of Pudding

In regards to British puddings, the name could have derived from the French word boudin which refers to sausage. Further boudin derives from the Latin botellus, referring to the intestine. Intestines have been used as sausage casings. Lots of classic British puddings have a texture similar to sausage such as the Christmas Pudding. This is a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, butter or suet, eggs, flour or breadcrumbs, alcohol and spices. These days the pudding is steamed but up until the 20th century, it was more common to wrap the pudding in cloth and let it dry for weeks or months just like a sausage.

The Use of Hot Water

One way or another the cooking of British puddings involves the use of hot water. A great many of the puddings are either boiled or steamed, including the Sticky Toffee Pudding and the Christmas Pudding. Another basic ingredient is suet which is hardened animal fat. Most of the puddings become thickened or congealed such as black pudding or rice pudding which thickens with starch. Now the American puddings which are sweet desserts made of chocolate or vanilla are known to the British as custards.


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